Shiloh (1996)

PGGenre: Drama, Family
Quality: Year: Duration: 93 MinView: 20 views
46 votes, average 5.7 out of 10

An abused beagle runs away from his owner. On the road, he meets young Marty Preston and follows him home. The boy immediately forms a bond with the dog and names him Shiloh. His stern father won’t let him keep the dog because it belongs to Judd Travers, a local hunter. After Shiloh is mistreated again, he runs away and returns to Marty. Knowing his father will once again make him bring Shiloh back to Judd, he makes a home for the dog in an old shed up the hill from the Prestons’ house and hides him from his family. His secret is soon discovered when a stray attacks the dog one night and he must turn to his father for help.

Tagline:The story of a boy who risks everything to save his best friend.

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