My Wife’s Lover (2015)

Year: Duration: 92 MinView: 146 views

Mi-yeon, a woman who has lived without her eyes and eyes to take care of her husband and son. The family is everything she can’t change with anything in the world. Her husband, Cheol-min, is stressed every day because of a project to win the company’s life-saving home shopping broadcast rights. A few days later, when he hears that a competitor has won a home shopping broadcast, Cheol-min visits Hyun-gil, a college senior at home shopping. Hyun-gil said that it was already decided, and her wife Mi-yeon went to the door, and Mi-yeon, a wife, visits Hyun-gil’s house to ease her husband’s difficulties. Hyun-gil will ask Mi-yeon, who has visited her home, to make a secret offer …

Tagline:Please help my husband, boss. What would you do for me to help me?

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